Google Kids

So I was googling for Mt Diablo tarantulas with my son Thomas (6) and as soon as the search results appeared, he said "Google!".

I turned 'round, pointed to the logo, and asked him if he was actually reading the word "Google"?
"I've been reading that for a long time" he answered.

Off we went to I pointed to the logo: "What does this say?"
"Mee... Mee... Crow... Saft... Soft... Crowsoft?!"

Hmmm... Not quite as successful.

Let's try I point to the big "Yahoo" logo at the top of the page. "How about this one, what does it say?"
Thomas looked at it for a long time then exclaimed "Yipee!"

I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Clearly Google is winning six year olds' mindshare.