iPhone. Single. Looking to make friends on any network.

I'm at SFO, connected to the public wifi, and in the span of 15min have already denied my MacBook Pro Lion from connecting to over 40 iPhones and iPads. What's going on?

Being a geek, a security geek, and slightly paranoid about what's going on in my laptop, I use a wonderful little utility called Hands Off! This app enables me to control network and file operations on a per program basis. Since connecting to the SFO wifi I'm being bombarded with pop-ups like this one:

According to this site usbmuxd is a "usbmuxd: USB Multiplex Daemon. This bit of software is in charge of talking to your iPhone or iPod Touch over USB and coordinating access to its services by other applications."

Other posts link this to iTunes and iPhone/iPad synchronization. I don't own an iPhone (it's a nice device but I love my Nexus S), do have an iPad, and am not currently running iTunes. Still my laptop detects all sorts of devices on the network.

I wonder if the owners realize they're broadcasting their names loud and clear?

The next step is to connect to some of these devices to see what they say. Unfortunately I have a flight to catch!
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iOS 5 now syncs via wifi. I imagine that iOS devices will check if any computer on the network is one they sync with. It's probably some Bonjour thing that was introduced in October with the 4S.
Indeed, this is because of Bonjour, and all machines machines with Bonjour or any similar service will do the same.

Hostnames are never really meant to be kept private, so I don't think this is much of a security issue. It's not hard to change your hostname on these devices either so that these people's names are not in them.