La Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie

The City of Science and Industry is a huge museum complex full of interactive exhibits, it's the largest science museum in Europe. We learned about astronomy, space travel, and light, we fired a water powered rocket varying its fuel to find the optimal weight, we discussed statistics and gaussian curve, and much much more. Outside the museum is a large sphere, the Geode, which serves as an IMAX theater, it's a beautiful structure. A little further is a decommissioned submarine that you can self-guided walk through, very cool. All in all a fun day of learning.

Travel tips:
  • Plan on spending a whole day here, there's lots to see and do (we only managed two thirds of the exhibits)
  • Though the main language is French, many of the exhibits have English and German explanations
  • You can eat inside the museum, prices are reasonable
  • The submarine and Geode are both worth seeing (we enjoyed a 3D film on marine dinosaurs, you can get headsets for other languages)
  • September is the quietest month to visit as its back to school month and classroom field trips haven't started yet
  • That said, the first two weeks in September La Cite des Enfants (City of/for Children) is closed. It's apparently very fun for the younger kids